Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crazy Spending

Lately I've been looking around the world wide internets for discounts on designer jeans and have found myself very bewildered. On the one hand, there are some big bargains available on pre-owned jeans if you do your homework. On the other hand, the prices I have found for brand new jeans are enormous. Honestly? That kind of money for a pair of jeans? There are so many different things that come to mind that I could drop that kind of "skrill" on before I think about designer jeans, or even clothes in general, for that matter.

I am not the sort of girl that thinks she will look like a super model after shopping at Marshall's. I'm commonsensical. I understand that in order to look incredible, you're normally going to have to pay for it. That is totally fine with this chick. But just like I'm sure you guys probably do, I have my limitations. And my shopping budget for a pair of jeans most certainly is nowhere near $300 (or whatever).

Who can justify these prices?

I guess that all humans have things we spend a little more than others perhaps do. It just depends what your priorities are. For myself, I really enjoy dining at upscale eateries. I understand it's only a temporary experience and you can't take something away from it (with the exception of stomach pains), but to me it's still worth it. It's just one of those things I enjoy very much, and I do not have a problem paying a premium for a really good meal.

Back in college I had a roomate that had to spend $250 each and every single time she had her hair styled, which she did once a month. In my humble opinion, that is mad. To her, it was just a necessity that simply could not be sacrificed.

Another friend of mine hated washing dishes so incredibly much that she would actually throw them out after they were used once and then go blow money on brand new. Probably sounds laughable to most people, but in her mind it seemed perfectly normal. Of course, they weren't expensive dishes, but still! Apparently she had never heard of paper plates. The hilarious part of that story is that I totally remember having this exact chat with her once about how laughable it is that some people pay such ridiculous sums of cash for denim.